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Our company – Autent Hungária Kft. focuses first of all on installation and maintenance of smoke- and heat exhausting systems for the industry.

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Our group of companies

Our group of companies is present on the Hungarian building industrial market since 2004, today we are 3 trading ...

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Legal background

Did you know that according to the latest law regulation the proper functioning of the smoke and heat exhausting systems has to be proved every half year by a specialist company and ...

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Customers say who selected us:

„According to our expereiences the company Autent Hungária Kft. has been fulfilling its maintenance
and service jobs in a workmanlike manner, based on the latest standards.
In case if it is necessary Autent Hungária Kft. reacts to all immediate customer demands or
unexecptable situations very quick and flexible.
Based on a.m. I reccomend Autent Hungária Kft. with pleasure for all other possible customers”

Mr.Pál VELKEY / CEO Agrikon


Are you not satisfied with your current or previous suppler? Do you have to face a fire
inspection soon? Are you not aware of the newest law regulation?

Our experts are at your disposal, please contact them free of charge on following phone
+36-1-433-4053 or look for us on skype: 

Autent Hungária Kft. (iroda)

BENEFITS – what you can count on with us – for sure

According to most of our competitors, also our company provides the necessary warranty time as prescribed in the law. Here there is no difference between us and our competitors. Why than most of customers select Autent Hungária Kft. also in cases when they get lower price offers from our competitors?

Please, find below 10 benefits and arguments

  • we do our job on a workmanlike manner, based on over 15 years of experiences in the RWA branch
  • we are a neutral (non brand related) company (In several cases we can find different rwa systems in different buildings of one customer, our experts work with all available systems properly)
  • regular quick reaction time (on request we are able to react within 4 hours and start the servicing job at our customers everywhere in the country)
  • we only work with original spare parts, bought directly from their original producers (we don not install any spare parts having unknown origin)
  • we have continuous stock of all possible important spare parts
  • with our customer network we cover the entire country, our service cars are every day travelling through the country, in several cases we can react immediately, within couple of hours, without high travelling costs
  • our company is planned and managed for long time period, we develop continuously our business; we create long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers, so they can count and rely on us for very long time
  • with significant value added services we increase the satisfaction and comfort ability of our customers
  • we are very flexible and can customize our products and service sin each special case on a very customer friendly way
  • besides the warranty prescribed by the law we definitely provide a special safety feeling for our customers with our liability insurance which covers all possible financial risks what may arise by our services and products