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Our company – Autent Hungária Kft. focuses first of all on installation and maintenance of smoke- and heat exhausting systems for the industry.

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Our group of companies

Our group of companies is present on the Hungarian building industrial market since 2004, today we are 3 trading ...

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Legal background

Did you know that according to the latest law regulation the proper functioning of the smoke and heat exhausting systems has to be proved every half year by a specialist company and ...

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Customers say who selected us:

„According to our expereiences the company Autent Hungária Kft. has been fulfilling its maintenance
and service jobs in a workmanlike manner, based on the latest standards.
In case if it is necessary Autent Hungária Kft. reacts to all immediate customer demands or
unexecptable situations very quick and flexible.
Based on a.m. I reccomend Autent Hungária Kft. with pleasure for all other possible customers”

Mr.Pál VELKEY / CEO Agrikon


Are you not satisfied with your current or previous suppler? Do you have to face a fire
inspection soon? Are you not aware of the newest law regulation?

Our experts are at your disposal, please contact them free of charge on following phone
+36-1-433-4053 or look for us on skype: 

Autent Hungária Kft. (iroda)



Our company – Autent Hungária Kft. focuses first of all on installation and maintenance of smoke- and heat exhausting systems for the industry. After being established in 2004 – thanks to the imported knowledge of the owners, to their commitment towards quality, to the qualified workers of the company as well as to the disorganised market circumstances – the company became market leader soon, and nowadays it still keeps its position on the Hungary, too.

égés hő és füstelvezető berendelkezéssel és anélkül

Smoke and heat exhausting means that in case of fire the heat and toxic gases should and could leave the building making possible for firemen to save the human and material goods. This is solved mainly by dooms and installed on the roof, which are opening in case of fire automatically. Furthermore, these dooms can bring natural light into the building as well as they can ensure – in case if they are equipped with the necessary technologies – daily ventilation in the building, too. This altogether can prove the comfort feeling of the workers inside definitely, as well as reduce the energy consumption of the building.

égés tűzvédelmi szellőzéssel nem rendelkező épületben

For Autent Hungária Kft. all kind of building – non depending on its function – can be a customer where the above mentioned systems are installed.

Actually, Autent Hungária Kft. is a non brand related, independent private company providing premium technical services for its customers. Its technical staff is a well experienced team getting regular internal and external trainings; the company constantly keeps a wide range of the necessary spare parts on its stock. This makes possible a quick and professional reaction to all service demands.

Since 2006 Autent Hungária Kft. increased its portfolio by installation, maintenance and service of sectional industrial doors, rapid roll doors, and docking systems.

Since 2008 the number of customers - asking for more complexity in the field of fire protection services – has been increased speedy. To satisfy these demands Autent Hungária Kft. settled the necessary base of knowledge as well as the availability of the spare parts within the company quickly. This way we can ensure a unique and very attractive package of services for our customers, including installation, maintenance and service of the entire fire protection as well as sectional industrial doors, rapid roll doors and docking systems.

Smoke and heat exhausting systems

- installation
- service
- maintenance

Sectional industrial doors,
rapid roll doors,
docking systems
- installation
- service
- maintenance
ipari kapuk
Fire protection - installation
- service
- maintenance